We are the original chap maker.
Chaps are rolled and reinforced around legs and buckle areas.
Most colors are available. Pockets, zippers, brands, and initials can be added.

Base Chink Price -
Base Shotgun Price -
Base Rodeo Price -

Chinks, Batwings, Shotguns, Hair-On Chinks (Woolies), Rodeo

Chap Measurement Chart

black shotgunshotgun

Item: CH18

black Shotguns

  • black 5-6 oz.Chrome Tan Shotguns
  • Tooled Tops
  • Silver Buckle in Front, CB Buckle in Back
  • Solid brass Heavy Chap Zipper
  • Name on Leather Tooled top


CH18 - Black Chink

Item: CH19

Antique Style Kid Chap

  • Slip On
  • Double Pockets
  • Old-Time Fringe
  • Lace in Front, Buckle in Back